End up Summer Farm Update!

When I first wrote end of summer on the blog title I had to look at my calendar. How can it be that my summer has ended?!! This upcoming weekend is my last wedding-free weekend until mid October. Brennan and I, along with some of our awesome friends, have been feverishly working on our house. As I may have mentioned before, the reason we bought such a large piece of land is so that I can keep my horse at my house vs paying to keep him boarded elsewhere. It's always been a dream of mine, and Brennan's, to live on a farm and we are just so ready to move into this place! I wanted to update y'all with some new pictures of the progress so here ya go!

Driving up to my house is rather odd, it's extremely wooded until you make this one 90 degree turn and it completely opens up and you see this!

We now have windows, doors, and siding! Yippe!!

A lot of front porch sittin' will be done here!By far the hardest project we've been working on is the fence. We are doing a three board oak fence, around about 7 acres. It has taken us forever just to get about 75% of  the post in. I'm praying we are able to finish it all by the time we move into the house! I am so grateful for the friends that have spent countless hours digging holes and setting poles. We owe you all more than you can imagine!!

One thing that surprise people is the inside is still completely unfinished. Other than framing and electrical wire not much is in there. They framed out the fireplace this week which gets me sooo excited to spend our winter nights curled up in front of it watching movies :)

The blog is going to get much more wedding oriented in the next week so just bare with us!

Till next time, happy planning! Cheers!!