ashlee Gilligan

Event Designer by day, Farmer by night

I LIVE AND BREATHe THE HUNT COUNTRY LIFESTYLE. My husband, Brennan, and I live on a small farm with our two dogs, two donkeys, and retired show horse. When I’m not working an event, you can find me on the tractor mowing one of the pastures or in town at the local feed store picking up farm supplies. I’m passionate about southern hospitality and love hosting our friends and family for Sunday suppers and pretty much any excuse we can think of to have a party!

I LOVE CREATING EXPERIENCES, whether it be a private dinner for 12, a wedding for 200, or a reception for a large corporation. I am passionate about bringing my clients vision to life. My mission as an Event Designer is to provide an unparalleled planning experience that allows you to be fully engaged in your celebration.


life at the Gilligan farm
  • Donkeys, dogs & a horse
  • Southern hospitality
  • Sunday suppers
  • Family & friends

She is the perfect blend of professional and fun/friendly, and from our very first conversation I felt she got our vision and was ready to help it come alive and even enhance it based on her vast skills as a planner, decorating, coordinator, and just general life-saver.
— Daisy and Bryce

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