September Bride of the Month: Bethany

Happy Fall y'all! This cooler weather has me SOOOO excited for jeans, boots, bonfires and college football! This time of year also starts our crazy fall wedding season! With two under our belt so far, we still have about a dozen more to go. Tricia's first fall wedding is this weekend at a new winery venue in Leesburg that has views for days!! Meet her bride below- Bethany!


Tell us the story of how you two met: We had many friends in common but did not meet until our senior years at West Virginia University. During our very last weekend in Morgantown before our respective graduations, a friend of mine, who also knew Rich, introduced me to him. We shared a couple drinks and some conversation but went our separate ways as it was very unlikely we would see each other again, I lived in Virginia and he in Pennsylvania.

We kept in touch post college thanks to Facebook, and finally one weekend Rich decided to come visit a buddy of his who happened to live only a few minutes away from me.

We went to a Phillies/Nationals game in DC and it wasn't long before I was making my first trip to Philadelphia.

After only months of dating, long distance was getting the best of us, so I found a new job in Philly and made the move to a new city. The rest is of course as they say, history.


How did he pop the question?  Rich had to go to San Fransisco for work and thought it would be fun for us to share that following weekend together in one of our favorite cities.

I flew out that Friday not having a clue that Rich was going to propose.

When I arrived at the hotel, Rich was being really short with me, still working on his laptop (surprise, surprise) and not really paying much attention to me. We finally agreed to go grab a bite to eat where Rich continued to sit on his phone, not talk, etc. but I didn't really think much of it, he had a lot going on work wise that week.

After a late lunch, we took a cab to Golden Gate Park to walk around and catch up since Rich had been away that week. He was still kind of all over the place, walking fast and not relaxing. I encouraged him to slow down and take it easy, we had all afternoon to enjoy the park.

Once there was no one around, Rich saw this as his golden opportunity to pop the question. So, he dropped to one knee, asked, and I said yes!

The best part was trying to get a photo afterwards. The only people around were this adorable older couple and the gentleman was having a terrible time catching the photo, but he finally got one! (attached)


(Picture from actual engagement!)

What is the vision and design for your wedding? Classic chic. We are pretty preppy so you will see traditional outfits with pops of color and a modern twist. One of my favorite elements, is instead of table numbers we have chose street names of relevance to us throughout our 5 years together. It is a way of showing our guests our journey we've taken together.


What are you most looking forward to on your Big Day?  Seeing my groom! We recently moved to Dallas, Texas and since we knew it would be difficult to plan a wedding while in another state we made the decision that after my bachelorette party in July that I would stay with my Mom in VA to finalize wedding plans. Meaning I will see Rich for the first time in 8 weeks only days before the Big Day! Most couples couldn't handle it but we think it is kind of romantic.

Where are you planning to kick your feet up when the party is over? (honeymoon plans!) Croatia! We are so looking forward to exploring a new country for a little over a week. Can't wait!

The professional pictures are from our girl, Rachel May Photography! We can't wait to see these two love birds tie the knot!

Till next time, happy planning! Cheers!!