It's Finally Happening...!!!

As most of you know, I've been talking about building or buying a farm for what seems like forever. The ball finally started rolling when we sold our house on New Year's Eve last year. Our original plans were to find a house with enough land for horses and renovate it just like we had done with our old house. All the houses we saw were problematic. Either they were a million miles away from my husband's work (and civilization), were on too small of a lot or simply needed too much work on the inside. One literally had 3 feet of water in the basement...hello indoor swimming pool!!! That is when we started toying with the idea to build. We had no idea what it would cost, but after about ten too many phone calls with the bank (thanks for your patience Rob!) we learned we could make it work!! After sending my husband links to a billion "perfect" lots that ended up horrendous, we ended up stumbling upon this one while we were at a friend's house nearby. As soon as we pulled up we knew...THIS IS IT!!!

This is what the lot looked like when we first saw it this winter. We loved the unobstructed views and that you could see the mountains! The gentle rolling hills will be perfect for our farm animals too. It took us about 4-5 months to get all the financing in place. Building a home takes a lot more work than just buying a home.

This is what the lot looks like now, but the grass is even taller. Seriously like 4 ft+ tall. It was being used as a hay field and we are waiting for the farmer to come and cut it one last time before we turn the front into a big pasture. The angle the picture was taken would be our view from the front porch. to.die.for. I can't wait to sit on the porch with my glass of wine and watch the horse(s) graze in the field.

Our dogs even love it too!!

Lastly, here is sneak peek of what the house will look like. We've made a few changes, but the overall feel is still the same. The building permit should be accepted any day now!! Can't wait to be in this new house. Stay tuned for some interior design posts as we figure out what we are doing with the insides!

Till next time, happy planning! Cheers!!