June Bride of the Month: Trisha!

This weekend I have the pleasure I working this gorgeous gal and her handsome beau. They have a beautiful southern soiree planned at a new venue over in Maryland. I am SOOOO excited to see this wedding come together and to work with an A-team of vendors! Only a couple more days until the big day! I can't wait!!


Wedding Date:  June 7, 2014

Wedding Location:  Springfield Manor Winery & Distillery in Thurmont, Maryland

How did he pop the question: For my birthday, Ryan surprised me with a weekend getaway to Keswick Hall, a beautiful resort just outside of Charlottesville, VA. We spent my birthday (which was on a Friday) relaxing by the pool, sipping on cocktails, enjoying the expansive grounds, learning how to play croquet, and being wined and dined…it was perfect!

Keswick Hall offers a variety of classes and activities for anyone staying at the resort, i.e. golf, tennis, hiking, etc., and Ryan told me that he had signed us up for an early morning yoga class for the next day (Saturday). While I wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea of an early morning wake-up call, I was excited that Ryan finally wanted to try a yoga class with me, so I was all for it.

When early Saturday morning rolled around, I could barely open my eyes, but Ryan was up and ready to go to yoga. With my eyes still half shut and my body barely moving, I followed Ryan to "yoga"...however, before we could reach the yoga studio on Keswick's grounds, Ryan pulled me over to a beautiful area of the property and proposed. Although I was still half asleep and couldn't quite tell if I was still dreaming, I immediately began screaming and crying "yes"!! We never did make it to yoga, but neither of us really minded :)


Tell us the story of how you two met: Ryan and I actually went to the same middle school and high school, but did not know each other then, because we were two grades apart. After college, we both returned to the area where we grew up, and moved into apartments just blocks apart from each other. However, it wasn’t until we both joined an online dating website, and later went on our first date, that we finally met ~a little over a year after our first date, we were engaged! It turns out, Ryan was friends with my sister in high school and had even been to my house before (when I was not home). It is funny how the world works, and how, despite being in close proximity to each other for almost 15 years, it took a website to connect us!


What is the vision and design for your wedding: As a couple, we both envisioned our wedding being a laid-back celebration for our friends and family, to really recognize and honor how lucky we have been, not only to find each other, but, also, to be bringing our two loving families together. With that in mind, our goal was to keep our wedding simple, light and “us” ~ We stayed true to a soft, neutral palette, vintage accents and rustic elements, to emphasize their dreamy, romantic, nostalgic vibe. Ryan put his “handy man” skills to good use by constructing corn hole boards, which he finished with chalkboard paint, and our entire family pitched in to complete our many DIY projects. This wedding has truly been a labor of love J

What are you most looking forward to on your Big Day: I am most looking forward to the moment when the church doors swing open and Ryan and I lock eyes. I am pretty sure I will absolutely lose it then, as it is the moment I have been thinking about, and praying for, since the moment I met him.


Where are you planning to kick your feet up when the party is over: Following our wedding, we will be taking a relaxing Southern tour, starting with a few days in Charleston, South Carolina, then driving to Hilton Head to relax by the beach for about 10 days, and then making the quick drive to Savannah, Georgia, to finish our honeymoon off with some delish comfort food and cocktails!

That sounds like such an amazing honeymoon! Right up my alley. I'm hoping to spend some time down at our lowcountry home after my spring/early summer weddings hit a little lull, but not sure with this farm project now. I'm slightly obsessed with her engagement pictures from Astrid Photography!! Can't wait for Astrid to capture all the details Trisha put together. Fingers crossed the weather stays sunny and blue!

Till next time, happy planning! Cheers!!