Meet the October Bride of the Month: Jessica!

Hey y'all! Let me introduce to our October Bride of the Month, Jessica! Can you believe she's getting married this weekend?!

Wedding Date: 

October 12, 2013

Wedding Location: 

Ceremony: Saint John the Apostle Roman Catholic Church, Reception: Rust Manor House

How did Dave pop the big question:

It was Saturday November 10, 2012 the day before my 27


(eeek, I’m an old lady!) birthday. We had friends and family over at our place in Reston to celebrate. Dave gently took my hand and asked if I wanted my birthday present. I said “No, not until tomorrow!!” He then took me into our bedroom and I thought, “What is going on?” I could tell something was up at that point because Dave was acting nervous and weird. He closed the door, pulled out an ammo box and then another box out of that. Something get a little fuzzy here for the both of us because I was caught so off guard and was excited

, nervous and didn’t know if it was really happening. Dave told me how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He said some other things, which we both can’t remember too, hahaha! He got down on one knee, opened the box and asked me to marry him! With no hesitation, I said “YES!!!”

I then asked, "Now what?” and he said, "Well…go tell everyone!" As our friends trickled in, I tried my best to wait for them to notice my ring, but I couldn't contain my excitement. It took our friends forever to notice as I was waving my hand back and forth right in front of them! I loved everyone's reaction and it was a perfect engagement!  We got to share it with friends and family. Throughout the night we made our phone calls to my mom, dad and sister as well as Dave's grandparents and Aunts/Uncles! Thank you for those who were apart of that exciting night, it was perfect! :)

(Picture from actual engagement night!)

Tell us the story of how the two of you met:

 The short story: at a bar through mutual friends. The longer version :)

I was living out in Burke with my longtime friend, Kim. We went out to Buffalo Wing University in Fairfax and met up with a group of her friends from GMU. Kim worked with Brian at the GMU Fitness Center and Brian knew Dave through wrestling at GMU. We were all hanging out and having a great time and all the sudden this guy in a black shirt and black hat (Dave) decided to pick up our entire tab and I was like "Who is this guy? What the heck?" We then headed to Auld Shebeen up the street and Dave asked if I'd hold his Oakley sunglasses in my purse. Of course I did, and forgot to give them back (he thinks I planned this so he'd have to hang out with me again, haha!). Thankfully we exchanged numbers and he came over later that week to pick them up. The rest is history from there ;)

What is the vision/design for your wedding day:

 We are looking forward to having our closest friends and family celebrate our special day with us. Choosing the location of the ceremony was easy. We knew we wanted a traditional ceremony in the Catholic church. As for the reception, we fell in love with Rust Manor. It was exactly what we had in mind and is such a hidden gem in Loudoun County! We have a wooden theme going on, so I cant wait to see it all come together!!  

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day:

  Seeing Dave's expression as I walk down the aisle

Where will you be kicking your feet up when the party is over: 

Headed to San Francisco and Napa Valley in November for 7 days!!!!

Till next time, happy planning!!