Meet the November Bride of the Month: Lauren!

Hey y'all! Let me introduce to our November Bride of the Month, Lauren! Can you believe she's getting married this weekend?! Lauren is an amazing photographer and owns

Lauren Gay Photography

. Tricia and I are packing our bags and trucking down to 


 first thing in the morning. The fall colors will be perfect this weekend! I already can't wait to see the pictures!

Wedding Date: 11/2/13

Wedding Location:

Verulam Farm, Charlottesville, VA

How did Nate pop the question:

Nate actually proposed to me in our living room. I was completely shocked! We were leaving for the beach that weekend. Apparently it was his original plan to propose to me on the beach, but he claims that he was too excited to wait. He also mentioned that since we go to the beach with his family, he worried that maybe I would be a little sad that my family wasn't there to celebrate with us. And he's right, I would have been. I love him for always considering my feelings!

Tell us the story of how you two met:

Nate and I actually met in Middle School, and we became friends shortly after in High School. Nate's a year older so once he went off to college we didn't really see much of each other. I was pleasantly surprised when he was at a bar in our hometown over Christmas break a few years later. We were so happy to see one another! I gave him a hug and he said, "Let me buy you a drink!" I sat down next to him and we didn't left each others side that night. He got my number that night and we kept in touch. He told a mutual friend, "I'm going to marry Lauren one day." Obviously, I enjoyed hearing that, but I didn't really think that would really happen! Not long after we hung out with mutual friends again and he made me a bet, "If I win, you have to take me out on a date. If you win, I'll take you out." I laughed and said, "Sure!" He actually won, but he ended up paying. (As he should!) The rest, as they say, is history!

What is the vision and design for your wedding:

Classic, Elegance, and Vintage

What are you most looking forward to on your Big Day:


Where are you planning to kick your feet up when the party is over:


Be sure to check out our


for pictures of her wedding tomorrow!

Till next time, happy planning!!

Lauren's beautiful pictures were taken by the talented 

Ali Caudill