Our family has grown by two...

It was a HUGE weekend at the farm for Brennan and I. We had been planning to get a companion for my horse, Pruitt, for ages since he's at my farm alone (preferably before we brought him here). Brennan and I went back and forth and back and forth on what kind of companion we wanted. I was set on getting a husband horse, but my husband wanted a donkey. Seeing that we already had one horse and aren't spending much time riding, Brennan thought a donkey would be a better suited for us right now. We looked for a donkey for what seemed like YEARS. Having been in the equestrian community, I thought donkeys were as easy to access as horses...Well I was WAY wrong. We looked on Craigslist and were only finding intact ones and I didn't want to deal with the aggression associated with that. Finding a donkey that wasn't completely feral and update to shots, etc was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find! We finally found a rescue in Westminster, MD that was perfect for us- Little Longears Miniature Donkey Rescue. We went up about 5-6 weeks ago and fell in love with all of them and decided on the two guys you'll see below. Between Brennan going out of town for work, two blizzard/ice Storms, and going out of town it seemed like these guys were NEVER going to get here!


It was so surreal to see them pull up and to finally have them home with us! We are so excited for you to join our family!!


This is the mini- Nick/Karl. We always said we would have a miniature donkey named Karl, but we may keep it Nick...TBD! The standard size one is Levi. He's the sweetest little cuddle bug.

For a size comparison, there they are next to each other! Nick/Karl is SOOOO small! I love it!


I couldn't forget the guy that made all of this happen! This is my Thoroughbred, Pruitt. He's the OG of the farm!


Here's the whole family! I'm so thankful they all seem to love each other!