January Bride of the Month!

Everyone staying warm this cold and snowy night? I'm hoping the snow sticks around for my wedding this weekend. I adore snowy wedding pictures. The silver and purples hues are going to look ahhh-mazing!!!!

The beautiful bride for this weekend also happens to be our January Bride of the Month!

World, meet Jessica and Jordan :)


Wedding Date: January 4, 2014

Wedding Location: Lansdowne Resort/Leesburg, VA

How did Jordan pop the question: Jordan planned a weekend beach trip with my best friend that eventually led to our engagement! During the weekend, Jordan and I went on a walk down the boardwalk out onto the beach where he led me to a platform filled with candles, flowers, a message in a bottle, and pictures of us. As I was turned around looking out into the ocean reading the letter, Jordan got down on one knee. When I turned around, he popped the question! I love that he proposed at my favorite spot in the entire world and made it such a surprise!

Tell us the story of how you two met: Jordan and I met after college through mutual friends. It was a spontaneous meeting, but something caught my attention about him. This sounds crazy, but we met in my living room when he came over with my roommate's boyfriend. Jordan was in the Air Force at the time, and came home every weekend after that for me during a part of our dating period. After dating about a month, we both knew that God had placed one another in our lives for a reason other than dating. I knew that Jordan was the man I was supposed to marry and he felt the same way!

What is the vision and design for your wedding: Simple elegance, vintage, classic

What are you most looking forward to on your Big Day: Celebrating with friends and family!

Where are you planning to kick your feet up when the party is over: Jamaica!

Thanks to Rachel May Photography for the images!

Everyone stay safe on the roads tomorrow! Till next time, happy planning!