Attended Creative at Heart, now what??

Two weeks ago I was honored to go back to the Creative at Heart Conference as a panelist. I cannot stress the importance of attending educational conferences. I attended my first one, the inaugural Creative at Heart in Stanton, and was kicking myself for not having gone to a conference earlier in my business career. Don’t forget they are a business tax write off!! No excuses for not attending! This should be something you budget for yearly.

PC: Hope Taylor Photogaphy

Each time I’ve returned from Creative at Heart I always want to redo pretty much everything- new headshots, new website/blog, new brand, new any and everything associated with my business. This second go around I tried to take a more strategic approach. I want to help people just having attended or looking to attend a conference implement what they have learned! The steps below have helped me implement things that I’m trying to work on and improve.

  1. Write down and organize, in order of importance, the main areas you want to improve.

Writing things down makes you more accountable! If there are a ton of areas you want to change, then write them down and list them in order of importance. Start with the easiest fix first and work your way down to the most challenging/time consuming. The only exception to that is branding/web design. All the traffic you are working to get towards your website or blog needs to be the best representation of you! I’d recommend putting this at the top of your list if your budget allows.

  1. Write down steps for how you can implement them.

This is where I always get hung up. I think of all these amazing changes I want to make, but don’t write down the steps of how to get there. The biggest area I want to improve on is the AVE Client Experience. The steps on how to get there is working on a new AVE Wedding Experience Guide and a new AVE Pricing Guide. I feel like the information I have (or don’t have, oops) is not the best representation of our brand.

  1. Slowly start to implement them over the course of a month.

I’m getting ready to start on an AVE Wedding Experience Guide (thanks Katelyn James!!) and will use the same layout for our new Pricing Guide. I know this is going to take time to create, but I’ve given myself due dates on when I want to roll it all out so I can hold myself accountable. Trying to do everything all at once won’t work and I don’t want to feel like a failure! That will only deter me from continuing to the ultimate goal.

I really hope these steps help you in making changes to your business or even in your personal life!

PC: The Herrintons

And how cute is this new head shot taken by my little beach bum Amanda Hedgepeth? Already miss her so much!!!

Till next time, happy planning! Cheers!!

Meet the editor: Hey y’all! I’m Ashlee, the founder of Ashlee Virginia Events, a Virginia based Special Event and Wedding Planning firm. I just moved into my dream house in Warrenton, VA with my husband and fur babies (two dogs, a horse, and donkey)! When I’m not planning events you can find me riding my horse or tasting wine at a local vineyard. I love all things Southern, Kate Spade, and big costume jewelry. Cheers!