Summer trip to the Lowcountry!

Today, my mama and I headed to Beaufort to help my little sister move into her apartment in Mt Pleasant (outside Charleston). If you haven't been able to tell, this is my favorite place in the entire world!! Last week, some of our closest friends headed down for some fun in the sun since I had a wedding over the July 4th weekend. If my husband didn't love all four seasons so much we would totally be living here full time. My grandparents bought property down here in the 1950-60's and my mother recently bought the property from them. We hope to pass down the lowcountry lifestyle to our children and grandchildren and for generations to come! Our friends Ben and Ann hadn't been back to Beaufort since our wedding, almost six years ago! We loved showing them around again and taking in all this small town has to offer! 

One of my husband's favorite pastimes down here is crabbing! We caught about 30 crabs overs two days. One thing my grandparents taught us to do is to clean the crabs before we eat bring them in for cooking. I know most folks cook them live, but I've grown up cleaning them and then throwing them in the pot to steam. It was so funny watching Ben and Ann learn how to do this! 

This one ALMOST got Brennan!! 

I think Ben was enjoying this process a little too much!! Ha! 

Wishing this week I had some friends, pups and a husband here with me, but it'll be fun to spend some quality time with my sister and mom!!! Wish us luck moving!!!