Welcome to the new Ashlee Virginia Events!

Friends, I am so happy you stopped by to check out my new brand! I am so passionate about creating a better experience for my clients and I feel like this new look fits me perfectly. After being in business for over seven years, my new planning process and niche design is so much for efficient and transparent for all of the different types of clients I serve. Over the past year I have taken on social  and corporate events and this new planning method creates a consistent workflow. Happy clients = happy planner! 

Hunt Country Brand Board Ashlee Virginia Events Wedding Planning and Design

I worked with Kathryn, the owner of Creme Brands, over only three months to create this beautiful masterpiece. Between traveling and being sick as a dog, Kathryn was so patient with me! The beautiful horse illustration was crafted by one of my greatest friends Kat, for which I am SOOO grateful! 

Be sure to check the blog often! Not only will I be covering fabulous weddings, but I'll also be showcasing the best of Hunt Country. The events, fashion, and best everything else! 

Also there is a BIG announcement coming Monday! Be sure to stop by again then!!